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Chinese Painting Techniques

Four-Footed Painting

It is a metaphor for the man with integrity chinese painting course.

The Painting of the Aquatic Life-Fishes

This topic was often used as an artistic way for artists to display their admiration of ideal living.

Lotus Colors and Paintings

Lotus signifies an individual who is different from others. There will be preference for painting styles, and history in lotus. Zhang Daqian – a contemporary Chinese artist – has devised several innovative techniques for portraying the lotus.

Landscape Painting

It was the ancient painters who created landscape paintings in different styles, such as modeling masterpieces or sketching to convey emotion, water, to achieve lofty, independent personalities, and by traveling.

Chinese traditional painting refers to the art form that has unique characteristics in China. It is made up of brushwork, ink, pigment, paper, and an ink slab. Many categories exist, such as New-Year Pictures, Scroll Painting, Mural Painting, Engraving painting etc.

Chinese paintings do not adhere to a certain art category, nor is it a scientific idea. Ink-washing and Color-Ink Painting can be categorized according to various tools and media, similar to oil painting or watercolor, engraving painting or gouache.

Chinese paintings can also be categorized according to the way they are used, including mural paintings and serial pictures. Chinese painting is classified by different themes. This art is unique in its technique and style. In the West, oil painting has a similar status.

Chinese traditional art pays special attention to portraying objects’ essences, emphasizing the beauty in form. It also requires that pictures be vibrant, rhythmic, evoking both form and spirit. A Chinese national ideal, it’s a component part in Oriental painting.